A Lasting Legacy of Love

My new album, ‘A Necklace of Songs’, has been one of the most rewarding and uplifting projects I have ever undertaken. Dedicated to my grandchildren, there’s a song for each of them, which, when edited with a montage of photos and images, provides a unique and deeply personal lifetime gift; a legacy and lasting reminder of my love for them.

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Preserve your most precious memories

In our Music Library you will find a selection of songs; some serve as examples of a bespoke commission, others have universal themes. These songs are available to license and synchronise with your own footage or photos. So visit our music library, license or commission a song, and create a totally unique, beautiful gift that will provide an emotional and unforgettable highlight for any special occasion and a lasting legacy for your loved ones. 


Your photos – My music – Your legacy

Songs of love to celebrate, congratulate and commemorate

Love! As a child of the 60s, I’ve always thought it was all you need! And, from this new perspective in life many years later, that turns out to be true; in the end nothing else matters. I wanted to express how I felt in poetic language and in heartfelt, timeless music.

Time closes fast the door
Ships will sail
to far distant shore
But we will be
Eternally yours

Hear More of Jan’s Songs

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Tuesday's Child
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Hey Jude
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The Power of Music

At a family wedding a few years ago, we felt my beloved grandfather’s presence very strongly when we sang a hymn that he wrote in 1942. Had he lived, he would have been 120 but he was definitely there with us on that day! At the same wedding we watched, spellbound, as a montage of photos revealed the story of the bride and groom’s childhood and romance. He played rugby for the county and was a member of the Royal Air Force who served in Afghanistan – she played hockey for Scotland. Their daughter was christened on the same day. The film was edited with some beautiful, personally relevant music. The bride started dabbing her eyes demurely and ended with an enormous, open napkin stemming the flow! Most of us joined in!

The seed, sown then, flowered in ‘A Necklace of Songs’ and is here in this new venture and adventure. Join me!