Happiness Is…

…being able to say that my musicals have been performed by tens of thousands of children, on every continent of the world bar Antarctica, in venues that include The Royal Opera House and to audiences that once included the Queen.

Cameron Macintosh, Michael Morpurgo and Spike Milligan are luminaries who have commended my musicals, one of which was a finalist in The International Musical of the Year.

jan stroud commissioned musical production

A little about me...

I was born in the far reaches of West Cornwall, at a place in the middle of the dragon’s mouth where my ancestors have lived for many centuries. I was nurtured there, in the widest and truest sense, and return time and again to feed on its bounty and beauty.

Two things co-exist at the centre of my life – my family and my music. Against most advice, I married my soulmate when still a student but, without doubt, our four adult children, their partners and my nine grandchildren are the best and most important part of my life.

I knew early on that I would be a musician. I started writing music and songs when I was a young teenager and, to this day, it’s my favourite occupation; a spiritual calling that has sustained me through all the ups and downs of life and bestowed many gifts.

I trained as a teacher, worked with all age groups and taught many gifted, now famous, musicians and stars of musical theatre. I’ve also worked with various film and TV companies over the years. As Musical Associate to Hit Entertainment, my choir sang all the songs in several series’ of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Our recording of the theme tune has received nearly 35 million views on YouTube!

The exciting journey my musicals have taken around the world can be found at www.firesticksandsong.com

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Jan’s music has a warmth and sincerity and her empathy is second to none. Her music is poignant, sensitive, passionate and well-crafted. Tell her the attributes of those special to you and within minutes she will capture the very essence of who they are now and who they will become.

Jill Larner
Head of Hampshire Music Service

Absolutely beautiful Jan. Sent goosebumps chasing right up my spine and into my hair. I think you may also have a big hit on your hands here. If anyone in the world can write a song which captures the essence of a person, and turns it into music and words, you can. Your grandchildren are so lucky.  I hope you’ll go on to do this for many others.

Dr Maggie Butt
Royal Literary Fund Fellow, University of Kent, Canterbury & Associate Professor Creative Writing, Middlesex University

A brief message via my website back in the summer of 2015 unexpectedly led to a most musically fruitful and rewarding commission. Jan Stroud’s songs are so full of emotion, sublime and from the heart. I’ve enjoyed every moment and never tire of listening to these gorgeous compositions.

Steve Turner
keyboard player, musical director, string arranger